Value Wonder - More Bang For Your Buck Soccer Mystery Box - 40€ Version - #lotticlusive - LIVE BREAK

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Please note: the box offered here will be opened live for you during the Live Break on Twitch (streaming dates can be found on our social media channels) and the content will be sent to you afterwards. Therefore, a revocation for this product is impossible.

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Our homemade mystery boxes with awesome, high-quality packaging for that extra mystery kick are finally here!

We opened enough mystery boxes from other retailers and manufacturers with you and were mostly disappointed. So now our mystery boxes:

Value Wonder - More Bang For Your Buck

But now again exactly:

You will receive a total of 15 cards per box, including

1 autograph card

1 Relic card

1 numbered card

1 Parallel/Insert/RC card

1 bonus card (autograph/relic/parallel)

10 base cards from various sets

You will receive a randomly selected box

ATTENTION: Cancellation is not possible if the security seal has been opened or the box has been opened in any other way! Please read the description carefully before purchasing and only buy if you fully understand it!