Our breakers

Get to know us!


Moooin Leute! Dennis here aka Lotti-Boss. I was born in 1991, I am the owner and managing director of LottiCards and also a passionate sports card Hebler ;)

Whenever my time allows, I try to be part of the streams and pull the hottest cards for you!

You always get maximum entertainment from me, lots of “Mooooin Leute!” or “SUIIIIII”s and infinitely unfunny jokes :P

Oh, and of course I also collect myself. Mainly Messi and Bellingham cards, but also CR7, Pelé and Maradona are represented in my PC.


I'm Chris, born in 1994 and native of Cologne. I started at Lotti in 2021. I started collecting Pokemon cards at a young age and have never lost the passion ever since. I'm an expert and collector of vintage Pokemon products and lately I've also gotten deep into sports. I'm always so happy to break products with you and wish each of you great pulls!


My real name is actually Frederic, but everyone just calls me Freddy or affectionately "Blitz". My passion for the world of cards also led me to Lotti and that's how I joined the Lotti team in 2019. At first I worked as a Pokemon expert in the company, then promoted the sports topic there and have now arrived here as a breaker. My favorite sports, which I also collect myself, are football, baseball and basketball. But I'm also an expert at soccer and I'm at your disposal with all my specialist knowledge!

To many wild streams together and unforgettable evenings!


Hey people! I'm Phil, born in 1997 and have been part of the Lotti team since 2023. My passion is football and basketball - here I am your contact and expert ;)

I got into the hobby during the lockdown in 2020 and have been following the developments and participants in the market with excitement ever since. Of course I also have a collection myself!

A wild Heblung is probably the coolest thing you can do job-wise, so I'm looking forward to many great evenings with you!