The most entertaining breaks in Germany - Live on Twitch with LottiCards!

Welcome to the LottiCards Break Store!

All breaks take place on our Twitch Livestream and are always streamed there on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7 p.m.

What is a break?

Breaks are a special type of opening in which the purchased product is opened live in the stream and then sent to the buyer.
That means you can buy any Break products before the stream or during the stream and the yield will be sent to you after the stream! Lean back, relax and follow your hits live!

What types of breaks are there?

You will usually find these types of breaks with us:

Personal break
You buy a complete box or various individual packs, which we then open live for you on stream.

Pick Your Team
You select a team on the break and pay the specified price for it. In return you get all the cards from the live break that belong to your chosen team.

Random Team
There is a predefined number of spots, each of which is assigned one or more teams (which teams are specified in the item description). Before the start of the break, we will do a live drawing to determine who gets which team. At the end you get all the cards of the teams assigned to you.

Case Breaks
Are an adjunct to the types of breaks listed above when they relate not just to a box/display, but to an entire case instead.

Hit Drafts
Hit Drafts are great for boxes that have a high selling price and few cards. For each card in the box, one spot is sold. Before the start of the break, we will do a live drawing who gets which spot and the box is then opened. The person who has been assigned Spot 1 may choose a card from the box first. Spot 2 is next and so on.

Random Divisional Break
This is a variation of the Random Team Break commonly used in football and basketball. Instead of just one team, you get all the teams in a "division".

Pick 1 Get 1
This is a mix of Pick Your Team and Random Team. You buy a fixed team, like in Pick Your Team. But the special thing is that you get another team drawn at random for your spot.

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