Topps Finest Bundesliga Soccer 2021/22 - Master Box - BOX BREAK

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BOX BREAK - 2021/22 Topps Finest Bundesliga - Master Box - BOX BREAK

Please note: the box offered here will be opened live for you in the live break on Twitch in the next live stream (streaming dates can be found on our social media channels) and the content will be sent to you afterwards. Therefore, a revocation for this product is excluded.

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2021/22 Topps Finest Bundesliga - Master Box

The 2021-22 TOPPS Finest Bundesliga Soccer Cards are also entering their second season this year. In addition to an expanded range of base and parallel cards, collectors can look forward to the 100 different autograph cards with the stars from the Bundesliga.

For the second time, Topps is releasing a Finest collection for the highest German league. The 2021-22 TOPPS Finest Bundesliga Soccer collection is significantly more extensive than the premiere version last year. Topps has not only expanded the base set by 50 cards, but also significantly increased the parallel variants that exist for the respective base cards.

The Topps Finest Soccer collection for the Bundesliga consists of a 150-card base set, which is also available in 17 different parallel variants. That's 6 parallel variants more than in the previous season, which are mainly in the higher numbered area (/350, /300 & /199). A clear indication that Topps has significantly increased the total edition of the Finest Boxes for the Bundesliga for this season.

Expected average content of a Hobby Box:

2 autographs (1 per mini box)

4 Refractor Parallels

2 Finest Goalkeepers Die Cut Inserts

1 Finest Strikers insert

4 finest touch inserts