Panini Prizm World Cup 2014 - Hobby Single Pack - BOX BREAK - 05/29/23

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Panini Prizm World Cup 2014 - Hobby Single Pack - BOX BREAK

The time has come: we open a box of the legendary first real soccer set: World Cup Prizm 2014!

Here the crème de la crème of the top cards shake hands and you have the chance to draw a card that was last sold for $500,000! Messi, Ronaldo, Péle, Dual Autos and the popular Matchups cards are all included in this set.

Still, it's high-risk, high-reward. There are 200 different base cards, no guaranteed autograph card and "only" 8 Parallels per box. Of course you have to be very lucky to actually get one of the mega hits. But when it bangs, then really! We are excited to see what treasures are hidden in this 9-year-old box!

Since the box is too expensive for most as a complete package, we offer a box break as individual packs. With the purchase you will receive 1 (one) pack from the box, which will be played live for you at the mega event on May 29th. is opened!

Here again the exact product and content description from the manufacturer:

24 packs

6 cards per pack

8 Prizm Parallels per box

Look for Player-Signed Cards

The 2014 Panini Prizm World Cup Soccer base set has 200 cards. All 32 countries in the tournament are represented. Shiny Prizm parallels include Prizm, Blue (#/199 or less), Red (#/149 or less), Purple (#/99 or less), Green Crystal (#/25 or less), Gold (#/25 or less ), Gold Power (#/5 or less) and Black (1/1). Multi-color Prisms can also be found for base cards and some inserts. Collectors can also find Red, White and Blue, Blue and Red, and Yellow and Red versions of select cards.

Autographs feature some of soccer's top names from day and the past. Pelé, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Clint Dempsey, Robin van Persie and Tim Howard are among those lending their signature to the product. Besides basic versions, autographs come with Prizm (#/25 or less) and Black Prizm (1/1) parallels. As the name suggests, Combo Signatures come with two autographs. These are extremely rare.