Panini Immaculate 22/23 - 1 Box Random Serial Number Break #1 - 06/28/2023 - ENGLISH

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Please note: the Random Serial Number Break offered here will be opened live for you in the live break on Twitch in the next live stream (streaming dates can be found on our social media channels) and the content will be sent to you afterwards. Therefore, a revocation for this product is excluded.

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The break can be postponed by one day if the product does not arrive on time.

Since this is a random serial number break , you get all the cards that were drawn according to your numbering. The numbering runs from 01-99, so if you get the numbering 12 you will get the cards stamped with 12 on the front, eg 12/99, 12/75, 12/49, 12/25.

Please note that there is no guarantee that your spot will end up receiving cards from the break. We include a pack of sleeves with every spot that goes empty!