Jersey Fusion Football Edition 2022 - LIVE BREAK

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Jersey Fusion Football Edition 2022 - LIVE BREAK

Please note: the box offered here will be opened live for you in the live break on Twitch in the next live stream (streaming dates can be found on our social media channels) and the content will be sent to you afterwards. Therefore, a revocation for this product is excluded.

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Each Jersey Fusion box contains an authentic, original trading card with a design or patch worn by the game/player. The amalgamation of the two results in a truly amazing collector's item!

These new features add to the quality of the JF line:

- “A Word from the Game” – a new insert set with player-written words and phrases from authenticated diaries and correspondence added to the play of the game and cards of your favorites.

- Parallel Matches with Game Date and Photo Match - all JF items worn by players/games are authenticated and some of our authentications including photo matching of these uniforms to specific game dates!

- Added player autograph cuts to JFs.

- Minimum 2 Premium JFs per 10pc display, including numbered versions 1-25.