2023 Jersey Fusion - All Sports Edition Series 2 - LIVE BREAK

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2023 Jersey Fusion - All Sports Edition Series 2 LIVE BREAK!!

Please note: the box offered here will be opened live for you in the live break on Twitch in the next live stream (streaming dates can be found on our social media channels) and the content will be sent to you afterwards. Therefore, a revocation for this product is excluded.

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Look for Numbered Premium Jersey Fusion Inserts:

- Combo fusions
- Floor fusions
- Premium and Multi Swatch Fusions

- 4 to 6 premium fusions per display!

Each Jersey Fusion Holder incorporates an authentic original trading card with a Game/Player Worn Swatch or Patch! The fusion of the two makes for one truly amazing collectible!

KEY ROOKIE CARDS are included of players like Kobe, Jeter and even ones from the 86-87 Fleer set (you can guess who)! Just a few of the premium, original, cards included.

Look for Limited Edition Jersey Fusion Patches, Nameplates, League Logos, Team Logos, Sig Swatches, Master Fusions, and more! Look for Rare Rookie Cards, Short Prints, Inserts, Parallels, Autographed Cards, and more!

Original Trading Cards as released by their manufacturers, paired with an Authentic Game Worn or Player Worn Acrylic Swatch Card, both housed together to create the ultimate collector item - a Jersey Fusion! Each JF will also include a QR code that brings the player to the original piece of memorabilia, with authenticity.

2022 All Sports Edition brings elite athletes from Football, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, Boxing, Racing, Golf and for the first time SOCCER together - original cards, authentically purchased uniforms - a fusion of great collecting.